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                                                            -------------------- is a ‘Blog’. A Chronological Stream of Thoughts and Ideas that Interest the Author, a Senior Citizen. Concerns:  Direction of Our Country.  Reshaping America along European Socialist lines.  Our Political Ruling Class: Our ‘Nomenclature’.* National Health Care targeting Medicare for Cuts to Pay for It. Senior Organizations, e.g. AARP that appear to be in bed with the Gov’t.

It is Impossible for the Average Citizen to Stay Informed with the Staggering Pace of Change. ‘Change’ could be designed to shut off debate and obfuscate any opposition. First came the Great Recession and now Gov’t Controls and Ownership in our Private Enterprise System.  Blogs such as this can help readers to think, get informed, see opposing views, and express their concerns to their associates.

* Nomenclature: In the former Soviet Union, the term ‘Nomenclatura’ described government officials, state media, technocrats, gov’t-run business czars, and other insiders who enjoyed the perks of power and privilege - while the rest of Soviet citizenry groveled around, many got drunk, and if they stepped out of line could experience the full brunt of Russia’s iron fist. Are we headed there? Could an all-powerful government start to take away your freedoms?

Content of this site: Entries on things I, as a senior citizen, care about: The Economy, Government, Taxation, Environment, Medical Care, Travel,  Thoughts about Where, (and if) seniors might Retire.

Responses: Will be by e-mail. Use this address:

Your Input may be chosen for inclusion, and be edited for size and content. Sign off with your first name, city and state. General rule for responses:

  1. -Be straight-forward, make your point.

  2. -If you are critiquing something, try to include some useful suggestions.

  3. -Be concise and add web links to any source data if allowed.

Why Seniors? Most of us have long and varied life experiences and knowledge. Some of it was absorbed prior to the post-modern, globalization period. Fathers fought in WWII, Korea or Vietnam. Many went through the depression years of the 30’s. These experiences and others gave us a particular outlook on things. Based on these experiences, we have things to say that younger generations may never experience. This input is of immense value!

Why Me? I’m a lot like many of you: Retired from a ‘job-job’, established something of a ‘second career’, and most of all, had my eyes opened in retirement, (or maybe de-programmed), from the hustle-bustle of everyday, workaholic life and the media feed from yesteryear. I now have something to say, particularly now, and so do you, so here goes...

PS: I have another site that addresses the loss of manufacturing infrastructure and employment in the domestic electronics industry - beset by and operating in a global marketplace: